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The latest thoughts, hottest takes, and coolest work of Ty Schalter, a professional writer & talker (@FiveThirtyEight, @ThreeOutPod). Lots of sports, geeky stuff, social commentary and more.

The latest thoughts, hottest takes, and coolest work of Ty Schalter, a professional writer & talker (@FiveThirtyEight, @ThreeOutPod). Lots of sports, geeky stuff, social commentary and more.

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The Internet Archive Is Not 'Legit' | Gimme Schalter No. 25

I hid the name of the professional animator who posted this viral Tweet (over 13,000 retweets and 47,000 likes as of this writing); I could tell she hadn't done it maliciously. And when I directly told her the book had been uploaded by some rando who also upl…


Self-Editing, And Trying To Stop | Gimme Schalter No. 24

In late 2012, I quit my dayjob to become a full-time NFL writer. I spent that offseason watching film and studying up, trying to raise my game and improve my credibility. After the 2013 season, the thought hit me: I'm a full-time writer now. I always wanted t…


Reaching An Infection Point | Gimme Schalter No. 23

A combination of rolling-off vaccine efficacy, winter weather forcing people indoors, and the arrival of the Omicron variant made "test positive today, stay home tomorrow" more or less useless. A team that had a few new positives one day might have seven new …


Virtuous Un-Signaling | Gimme Schalter No. 22

I've sent smarter, funnier, and lots more popular Tweets. But this one, in one sentence, tied together everything you could expect from me and my Twitter feed in a pithy little bow.But real-life Quidditch is an actual thing! It started in the mid-aughts, on c…


Dayjobs and Dystopias | Gimme Schalter No. 21

Back in November 2012, I walked out of my previous cubicle thinking I thought I would never set foot in one again. But as Facebook's pivot-to-video fraud drained almost every job and dollar from the digital-media economy, I realized the sheen of being able to…


Analysis Catalysis | Gimme Schalter No. 20

It turns out I also love sports because they defy analysis.A smart football coach can draw up a novel interaction of Xs and Os that gives their team a decided schematic advantage--but sometimes, an X just kicks an O's ass.How much more interesting would chess…


Actually Good Green Bean Casserole

Get a pot of well-salted water boiling, and start chopping sweet onions. How many? Too many. More than you think you need. At least a couple of big ones, and you can keep the chop pretty rustic. Oil and butter and seasoning and get 'em cooking at a decent hea…


Blown Deadlines & Closed Doors | Gimme Schalter No. 18

Our brave little NFL podcast hit a huge milestone this week: 100 episodes! We've been going twice a week, every week, for almost exactly a year—and we made sure the big 1-0-0 was going to be a big one.Second-year Detroit Lions punter Jack Fox, who made the Pr…


Can't Compete Without Accepting Defeat | Gimme Schalter No. 17

ADHD and anxiety make for a terrifying cocktail in situations like these. Impostor sydrome, rejection-sensitive dysphoria, and just plain old freaking out make you hyper-aware of everything you might be doing wrong. Am I in the right place? He said 9:00, righ…


Self-Care, or Selfishness? | Gimme Schalter No. 16

Again, I don't usually begrudge an NFL player wanting to play on their terms. If any player has earned the right to dictate the conditions under which he'll play, it's Rodgers: A Super Bowl-winning quarterback who's been consistently, historically excellent a…


Empowered Powerlessness | Gimme Schalter No. 15

The transition from paper archives to digital ones was supposed to fix this. Teachers and librarians alike constantly warned us 80s kids to take good care of the volumes we read—or eventually that knowledge, those stories, would be lost forever. But computers…


Nothing To Lose But Our Blockchains | Gimme Schalter No. 14

...and there was much rejoicing.There are many terrible things about Twitter, but this is one of the great things: A predatory, exclusionary, larcenous or otherwise harmful project can get hate-wiped off the map before it even incorporates. Whether it's a bar…


The Easy Lie I Gimme Schalter No. 13

But as Gruden's firing leaves the news cycle, and attention turns to the actual subject of the investigation, I want to highlight the fact that just because plenty of Football Guys are racist, sexist, homophobic and/or transphobic in their hearts, doesn't mea…


Seeing the Seams | Gimme Schalter No. 12

Meg and The Athletic got everybody talking about this story by showing that everyone was talking about it; got everybody to pay attention by showing that everyone was paying attention. By committing what had to have been months of effort by many skilled peopl…


Looking On My Work, And Despairing | Gimme Schalter No. 11

OZY had a lot going for it that its contemporaries didn't: senior leadership that wasn't all white guys, a lack of baggage around its founders and origin, and a business model based on attracting traffic with interesting articles (as opposed to, "Step 1: Make…


Testing Our Mettle | Gimme Schalter No. 10

But somehow, the consistently less than 20 percent of Americans who are hardline anti-choice extremists have spent the last two decades driving all of the abortion policy at every level of our government exclusively towards their hard-line position.Again: 4/5…


Over the Hill | Gimme Schalter No. 9

The cast of Cheers looked old to me when I was a little kid, and they still look old to me now.I turned 40 last week.No, nobody threw me an Over the Hill party. I can't remember the last time I heard of one actually happening. People my age are a lot closer t…


Always Remember. | Gimme Schalter No. 8

One of the many experiences that inspired me to launch Gimme Schalter was launching a pretty cool football podcast with a couple of amazing people, pulling a bunch of A-list guests, doing two shows a week for nearly a year and having absolutely no one listen …


The Price of Dreams | Gimme Schalter No. 7

The proprietor of MGoBlog since 2004, Cook's been a primary inspiration of, and template for, countless indie sports bloggers from the mid-aughts onward. A gifted writer, meticulous thinker, and enormous sports homer, Cook was also blessed with the kind of da…


Thinking Good Thoughts | Gimme Schalter No. 6

Campus Life (née Youth For Christ, later Ignite Your Faith) magazine was an exemplar of its subject matter: an Evangelical-parent-approved knockoff of stuff kids actually liked.Though the magazine reviewed both Christian and secular media, the latter was alwa…